A new way to decide where to store umbilical cord blood.

SSCB – Swiss Stem Cells Biotech offers all former Cryo-Save customers the opportunity to make a conscious decision about where their children’s umbilical cord blood should be stored


We know that the recent events with Cryo-Save have damaged the image and confidence in our industry. We want to help affected parents because we believe in the importance and seriousness of our work and want to protect your valuable stem cell sample for you and your family.

This event made it even clearer that parents should take a closer look at the biobank and choose a reliable company despite smaller offers and discounts.

We want to help you find your stem cells and get them to where your sample is safe. We are here for you:

SSCB was Europe’s first stem cell Biobank and has enjoyed an impeccable reputation in the public and private sectors for 15 years.

  • SSCB relies on the support and collaboration of the Swiss Stem Cells Foundation, a non-profit organisation that conducts research in the field of regenerative medicine.
  • SSCB has only GMP and FACT Netcord certified facilities that you can visit at any time – in Vacallo, Switzerland.
  • The SSCB is the only public-private hybrid bank in Switzerland.


  1. Contact us: We’ll look into your case and put you on the list of parents interested in transferring their stem cells.
  2. Comprehensive support: We explain how to bring your stem cells to our secure biobank in Vacallo, Switzerland.
  3. We take care of you: We will represent you in order to find the location and records of your sample and will take the necessary steps to access them.
  4. We contact the previous bank: We will contact the relevant bank and declare that we will take your sample and ensure that all safety standards are met. We provide you with the necessary documents for the proper export and import into Switzerland.
  5. We store your sample securely: We transport your sample safely and under the necessary conditions. We guarantee high quality storage and direct access. Now you can relax and know that your stem cells at SSCB Swiss Stem Cells Biotech are safe.

Are you a former Cryo-Save customer?

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Nowadays there are many providers that offer themselves as biobanks for the preservation of the umbilical cord, but unfortunately not all providers on the market are comparable and of equal quality.

Moreover, regrettable events in the past have already shown how important it is to decide where the umbilical cord blood is to be stored in order to secure the investment made in the long term.

As you know, a few years ago the Cryo-Save company, at that time an important European company for the preservation of umbilical cord blood, went bankrupt. More than 330 000 samples from their holdings were transferred to a group of biobanks headquartered in Poland. Many clients didn’t know about the lead of their children’s umbilical cord blood samples. This led to legal consequences.


What does SSCB offer former Cryo-Save customers?

SSCB - Swiss Stem Cells Biotech offers these families free support in selecting a new biobank. We are doing this to protect stem cell samples and the preservation of this sector.


But why are we doing this?

SSCB wants to protect the stem cell industry from market logic and at the same time ensure that the future of stem cells (including regenerative medicine) is reserved for companies with proven and high quality standards.
SSCB collaborates with the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation, a foundation for research into cell therapies in regenerative medicine. Due to its high level of quality, the SSCB was selected by the Swiss Commission of Public Banks as the private reference bank.

How to choose the Biobank for the preservation of umbilical cord stem cells

It is important that biobank certifications are recognised by both local and international health authorities, as storing samples in non-certified biobanks may prevent them from being used for transplantation, thus eroding the foresight of cryopreservation.

The most important certifications are particularly this context Fact-Netcord and GMP.

It is very important that you contact the biobank directly for the storage of your child’s stem cells, and not go through trading partners.
Only direct contact with the biobank guarantees real support, not only in the storage of samples.

There are other factors to consider when selecting a biobank, including:

– the many years of experience of the structure
– Partnerships with health care institutions, for example also with public institutions
– Ownership of foundations and/or research centres

Right now, many Italian and other families have a second chance to choose where they want to store their children’s cord blood in the future. These families, due to certain negative business events with the first cryopreservation company they had entrusted themselves to, had to transfer their samples ex officio to a second company or even to a foreign institution, without having been designated beforehand. These families now have the option of either contracting with the second company (with the latter receiving financial support) or cryopreserving the sample at a different location by deliberately choosing a new company.

Fact-Netcord certification is also strongly recommended for Italian public banks, as 69 % of the samples in the global public registry come from biobanks with this certification

When selecting a biobank that belongs to a group with several biobanks, it must also be ensured that the biobank “individually” has the certifications specified by the group. This is because it is the individual biobank that needs to be certified and not the group. Unfortunately, there are companies that claim to be Fact-NetCord accredited when only one of the banks that are part of their network is accredited. Any person can verify the actual possession of the Fact-Netcord accreditation by accessing the biobank in question on the official website:

Why you should choose SSCB - Swiss Stem Cells Biotech

SSCB does not need to say that it has tousands of samples coming from other companies. SSCB has been working for families directly since 2005. SSCB does not work following “swiss guidelines”, it is a real swiss company applying the most strict national and international rules and being FACT-NetCord certified for already 10 years in a row, as well as a real certified GMP production laboratory. There i a differenece between saying that you follow guidelines and actually having the certification, SSCB has all certifications.

Any family that has cryopreserved stem cells counts on SSCB medical and scientific board for support. SSCB has offices in Mailand, Rome, Zürich, Lugano, and more.


Own biobank
We guarantee complete control over all cryopreservation processes, from processing in the laboratory to storage in our cryotanks. This allows you to know the status of your sample at any time.


We are a bank that is involved in exploring new frontiers in medicine.


Public and Private Bank
Due to our high quality standards, we work as a hybrid bank (public/private) with the Hospital of Berne.


FACT-NetCord Certification This is an important international certification, the only one dedicated exclusively to umbilical cord banks. Obtaining and maintaining this certification requires repeated inspections by the supervisory body.


GMP certification This accreditation requires compliance with high quality standards (the same as for medicinal products).

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