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As an institution specializing in the preservation of stem cells, we are proud to adhere consistently to the strictest specific guidelines for cell therapies and therapeutics.

Since our start, we have kept your children’s umbilical cord blood so that one day it can be used for both standard therapies and many ongoing clinical trials to treat diseases such as autism, cerebral palsy and Alzheimer’s.

Since then, we have now stored over 25,000 umbilical cord blood samples. And all this under the strict rules of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG).

Scarica l’autorizzazione UFSP


The SSCB is the only private bank in Switzerland among 5 globally certified banks to have received Fact-NetCord certification for 10 consecutive years due to its high quality and safety standards. The Facht-NetCord accreditation is characterized by the approach to complete inspection of the entire process, which is accepted by every biobank. This certification covers all aspects of stem cells, from extraction and processing to storage. The Fact NetCord standards are recognized worldwide and are followed by many public banks. There are very few biobanks in the world that have this very important certification. SSCB is the only one in Switzerland!


Our laboratories comply fully with national and international guidelines, including the strictest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which define the requirements that must be met during the development, manufacture, and control of medicines. Similarly, we comply with our procedures and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) for the distribution of products. Compliance with these guidelines ensures the pharmaceutical quality of medicinal products, which in turn is a prerequisite for the designation of a medicinal product as safe, effective and usable. Therefore, the safety and efficacy which are essential characteristics of any medicinal product can only be achieved by strict adherence to good manufacturing practice at all stages of the manufacturing process and by analytical control. Compliance with all the strict GMP guidelines has led our renowned biobank to introduce completely new, customized and unique tools that allow us to guarantee process aspects that are crucial to the quality and safety of the sample.


The Swiss Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Swiss Medicines Control Authority (Swissmedic) regularly inspect the laboratories of our biobank and certify their suitability by means of operating permits. Thanks to our quality certificates, our laboratories were also recognized for the pilot project of the first hybrid bank in Switzerland (public/private).


SSCB is the only private biobank selected and approved by the Swiss Association of Public Biobanks as a partner for the hybrid bank project. In this project, the SSCB works closely with national institutions to give parents the opportunity to donate stored samples on request. (
We were approved for this collaboration because of the high quality of the processes and certification.


SSCB: The guarantors of our quality speak for us.

Thanks to the hybrid bank project, we are in the World Register of WDMA bone marrow donors for donations.

By joining the Hybrid Biobank project, the SSCB was accredited and placed among the structures that can process samples on behalf of the registry.

We are the only private biobank that has been recognized by the WMDA.

Such recognition and inclusion in the register are essential for the release of samples.

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