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SSCB FamilySSCB Family
The 100% Swiss and best certified biobank
Quality and safety for the whole family
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SSCB Fact NetcordSSCB Fact Netcord
What is Fact-Netcord
SSCB is the ONLY FACT-NetCord-certified biobank in Switzerland
FACT-NetCord is the most important international certification for umbilical cord banks.
Among the five banks in the world, the SSCB is the only private bank in Switzerland to have received FACT-NETCORD accreditation for ten consecutive years thanks to its high security and quality standards.
It differs mainly in its approach to the complete review of the entire process of each biobank.
This certification covers all aspects of stem cells, from collection and processing to storage.
The FACT-NetCord standards are recognized worldwide.
SSCB Hybrid BankSSCB Hybrid Bank
Hybrid Banking: Donate umbilical cord stem cells or store them privately?
The only public and private bio-bank in Switzerland
SSCB is the only hybrid biobank in Switzerland that allows parents, thanks to a unique project with the Bern Hospital, to care for their child privately and, if necessary, to make the stem cells available to another person at the same time. Parents only pay the fee for their storage. If the parents decide to donate later, they will be reimbursed 100% of the fee.
Stem cell storageStem cell storage
Only do what is scientifically sound
Why we do no storage of the placenta
SSCB does not offer the preservation of the placenta, because currently: - lack of scientific evidence of the clinical benefit of placental stem cells,
- there is no standard method of preservation of the material,
- better quality stem cells from the fatty tissue of the mother can be preserved. The SSCB already offers this service, - there is no ministerial documentation on diseases that can be treated with these cells (in contrast to umbilical cord blood). Source: https://quimamme. corriere. it/gravidanza/salute/un-giorno-la-placenta-ci-curera
This is an interview with Dr. Ornella Parolini, a professor of biology in Rome who founded an international scientific society, the International Placenta Stem Cell Society (https://www. iplassociety. org/mission).
SSCB offerSSCB offer
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The storage of umbilical cord blood and tissue - to improve your child's future

Stem cells are one of the best options that medicine can offer individuals today.
Stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue have enormous potential. Storing them means protecting your child from potential illness.

treatable diseases
% transplant compatibility and immediate availability
transplants worldwide


Thanks to its quality certificates, our laboratories were recognized for the pilot project of the first hybrid bank (public/private) in Switzerland.

Among the 5 Fact-NetCord-certified biobanks worldwide, the SSCB is the only private bank in Switzerland to have received Fact-NetCord certification for 10 consecutive years.

Our laboratories comply with national and international standards, including the strictest GMP.

Our story

We, the Swiss Stem Cells Biotech (SSCB), are a company that has been focusing on cell-storage for years. Since 2005, we specialize in the collection, processing and storage of stem cells for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes and the development of new test protocols.


We have decided to store the umbilical cord in order to ensure the health of our daughters and wish them a peaceful and protected life thanks to the research. We chose the SSCB because it enjoys an excellent reputation among qualified professionals in the healthcare sector.
Alessia & Patrizio
Parents of two girls
Our son Daniele suffers from cerebral palsy. Since receiving stem cells from his sister Margherita in 2019, he has made progress and brought a new light into the life of our beautiful family. Thanks to the SSCB and Duke University in Durham, North Carolina!
Fulvio & Paola
Parents of Daniele
After having had a formative experience with a very sick person in our environment, we decided to store the stem cells from the umbilical cord at the SSCB. In this way, we give our child the opportunity to resort to it for a possible treatment.
Stella & Salvatore
Parents of Giovanni

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